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About Vicki Wilburn
Vicki Wilburn


I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and I work with adults feeling STUCK in a cycle of DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and RELATIONSHIP ISSUES. I support those when in person is not an option. I work solely online with individuals, adult families and various groups.

No matter where you find yourself...I will support you in exploring what is keeping you stuck or limiting your life. I have a number of tools to help you… like Attachment Focused EMDR, Creative Expression, Resource Building (tools to help build your resiliency, capacity to grow and support your mental health)

My Story

My life’s experiences of extreme struggle and pain, has allowed me to do the work I do today! Throughout my childhood I experienced many beautiful moments and a great deal of trauma. Trusting became difficult and the world appeared to be a very scary place. I lived a good portion of my life pretending to have it all together, eating to numb out my feelings, focusing on others needs and living in anxiety and depression.

One day I looked around and noticed I felt little joy, peace or happiness in my life. I discovered I wanted something different. So, I took a courageous step and began my journey through healing my past trauma and meeting myself all over again. Although it has been a tough process, I can say with great confidence the gains I made and continue to make has positively impacted my life.

What I once focused on, like numbing and attending to others to avoid my pain has transformed into purpose. In combination of my personal work and counsellor training I found what I really wanted to do. I found purpose from my pain. Upon graduation I became a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. One of the greatest pieces of learning I received was... I could only help my clients to the extent that I was willing to go in my own life. So, the best training I had in becoming a therapist was by going within and courageously exploring my life and my family history so I could show up more fully in my life and fully in service of my clients. 

I now live a life with a better sense of who I am and although life doesn’t stop throwing obstacles my way, I have the tools and resources to move through them with love and with a support system. Like myself, I have confidence YOU too can find your unique path when you are ready and willing to take the courageous step.


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To learn more about who I am check out my podcast Relationships Reclaimed
Relationships Reclaimed Podcast
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