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What is SELF CARE!

Important First Steps in a journey towards healing is


I am beginning this blog as I journey through radical self care and it is a topic I invite you to explore too. I have no doubts most of you have heard many times over the years...

"Have you been practicing Self Care?" or "What do you do for Self Care?"

Self care seems to be a hot topic these days, but what is it?

Practicing Self Care has been a challenge for me in the past and part of this struggle was my perspective. I always believed Self Care meant I needed to go have a nap, or pamper myself or take a walk... And yes these things can feel caring for some and at times they have felt kind to myself. However, sometimes depending on where I find myself on this journey of life, going for a walk can feel like an insurmountable task and where I have little energy to invest.

Now here is the thing with Self Care. First and foremost... as the title states, 'Self' being an important piece. It really doesn't matter what others feel is self caring to them. What matters is, Do YOU feel it is caring to YOU! It might be the same as others and it might not be too.

In addiction, the 'When' is equally important. What might be caring to you when you were in the middle of school or getting a new job or even with the loss of someone you loved, might not be what is caring for you right now! It could be paying a bill is what is super caring for you today. Maybe expressing your feelings to a close friend or partner is caring? Perhaps, the simple act of brushing your teeth or showering is nurturing to you?

So, here it is....

I invite you to look at what is going on in your life Right Now...

What are you struggling with TODAY?

Given this struggle what would be

'Caring for YOU' look like?

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